In the shadow of Mont Blanc, Dynastar has constructed its history and values to become, 50 years later, an exceptional brand all over the world and the only company of this size. Decade after decade, Dynastar skis have carved out a unique track, fueling inspiration for the future and reflecting a continuous quest to create ever-more innovative and high-quality products. Today more than ever, Dynastar is still something of an artisan, the alchemist of the winter sports equipment industry.

To meet this high standard, PIEPS collaborates in product development with professional mountain guides, mountain rescue teams, instructors and scientists. This know-how and more than 40 years of experience in developing and manufacturing avalanche transceivers are the guarantee for the quality of our PREMIUM ALPINE PERFORMANCE products!

High flyers need great support!

Lenz functional clothing has been complying with the highest demands in the worlds of sport, work and leisure since 1987. In addition to optimum wearability, the best fit and the most up-to-date fibre compositions, Lenz functional clothing also stands for the patented S.E.P. System. In order to maintain the consistently high quality of the products, all textiles are developed and produced in Europe.

An innovative, revolutionary system which analyses the consumption and emissions of cars in real time, on the basis of driving style, and provides advice for reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Renegades never stand still. They see opportunity where others give up and love to share their discoveries. Adventure is defined by the moment they’re in, the company they’re with and the potential for making memories. They don’t follow the same old routes. They follow their instincts.

For more than 50 years, Lange has worked alongside the greatest boot specialists from both the competitive and mainstream sectors to mastermind leading-edge solutions tailored to each skier and each foot shape. Irrespective of the skier’s style and foot shape, Lange offers an end-to-end range of ski boots delivering an anatomical fit to guarantee superior comfort and performance. The result is Ultimate Control.